Celltron Digital Advantage (CADD Series)

< Made for larger batteries and battery systems in UPS and telecom applications >

The Celltron Advantage (from the CAD-5 series) is a user-friendly handheld battery tester giving you the basis of a good and firm battery management system. This tester is used globally in Telecom, Datacentre and power world.

The test is done in just a few seconds on all VRLA and VLA batteries including the intercell connection between 2 batteries.

The testers also offers the ability to be field- upgradable to offer even more features, like testing the Starter batterie of the diesel generator.


SCP 6/12

< Made for smaller batteries and small battery systems in fire alarms and emergency lights >

This small tester is made to test batteries for the smaller emergency systems with every service interval. Just measuring the voltage is not enough; you also want to know the Siemens value (Conductance) value of the battery. With these 2 parameters, you have a good indication of the health of the battery.

  • For 6 and 12 Volt batteries
  • Measures up to 25 Ah
  • Measures from 20 to 1200 Siemens
  • Small and handy; dimensions 230 x 102 x 65 mm (427 gram)


Celltron Genstart

< Made for the starter batteries of the diesel generator >

  • This tester is made for testing the starter batteries of your diesel Generators.
  • By quickly testing (just a few seconds per battery) you know exactly if the batteries tested are capable of starting your generator.


Celltraq Enterprise / Unite Database

Battery Management Software

This software package is the beating heart of a good working battery management system. It keeps track of your whole battery population, and you can how your batteries are from system level to string level to battery level. With this you can make informed decisions based on facts what your replacement strategy will look like. You will not be surprised by a string of batteries going down when you really need them.

Celltraq will also send messages out when the time is there to re test your batteries per location. This prevents batteries from “being forgotten”.

Celltraq is a server based database you can acces from your PC, but also via tablet and phone, so you have access from anywhere anytime.