Celltron Genstart – CTS-655P

< Made for the starter batteries of the diesel generator >

The Genstart tester has been developed for maybe the most important batteries; those of the diesel generator. Because it can test these batteries, it can also test your service van / car batteries. Make a print out of every test, as proof the test has been done with a time stamp.

  • 3 meter long cable
  • Rubber protective housing
  • 2 Gb memory card
  • Test batteries from 100 to 1000 A in DIN
  • Made for standard starter batteries but also AGM models.
  • Menu languages : English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Dutch and German.


Celltron Genstart – Generator Starter Battery Tester


  • Soft Case
  • 10 Foot Cable Set
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Thermal Paper Roll
  • Celltron Genstart Unit
  • 2GB SD Memory Card
  • Lead Stud Adapter SE
  • Protective Rubber Boot