Knowing your batteries


“Just know how your batteries are doing”.

Because you never know when you are going to need your batteries, you really need to make sure they are in a top condition for when you actually need them to act.

With the on Conductance based testers from Franklin (previously knows as “Midtronics” testers), your batteries are easily and quickly tested.

With this Conductance technology, you are able to test batteries without putting a load on the batteries, in just a few seconds. Whether that be 1 or 100 batteries.

With the data from these tests, you will get a clear picture of the batteries’ condition as it is now, and via trending of the data provide you with a clear view of the health of the batteries over time. This will put you in a position not to be surprised by a power outage, or any unexpected costs by battery strings breaking down.

The Fire Company with it’s 20 years of experience in Midtronics battery testing is more than happy to help you!




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Handheld Battery Testers


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